The benefits of working at BENTELER

Once you join BENTELER you will receive various benefits designed to support you both on the personal and professionals levels.


Residents of Scandinavia already know how strong our welfare state is and that no one has to go without proper health care. At BENTELER we offer various benefits on top of what you receive from the state to ensure you have immediate access to the care you need and can avoid long waits before seeing a doctor. Rest assured, your health will be in good hands with us.


We have a systematic approach to ensuring that salaries are commensurate with experience and performance. In addition, our salaries and other financial rewards are calculated in a transparent manner and competitive according to current market standards. At BENTELER we believe fair treatment is the basis for a truly motivated workforce.

Performance reviews

We feel it is important for our employees to receive honest, constructive feedback in order to grow. All of our performance assessment programs are geared at helping employees set reasonable yet ambitious goals, so they can reach their full potential. If you commit to our future, we will commit to yours. Pension scheme Though the welfare state in Scandinavia also offers a strong pension scheme, we can make your personal pension scheme even stronger. We think it is important that you can devote yourself to a promising career without having to worry about the future. This is why employees at BENTELER can choose a package to enhance what they will receive from the state upon retirement.

Other rewards

Depending on an employee’s level of experience and how long they have been with BENTELER, they may qualify for various additional rewards. In addition to the perks that employees receive, a career at BENTELER endows employees with valuable skills that will ensure a successful future. Every day spent at BENTELER strengthens an employee’s professional foundation.


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